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MIC Startup Profile: Sololearn.com
Coming out of MIC Yervana, in Armenia, SoloLearn is the largest community of mobile coders in the world with users in the millions and growing daily. They offer social, mobile, play-based apps for learning how to code anytime and anywhere for free. Founders Yeva Hyusyan and Davit Kocharyan believe in learning's network effect and that distinguishes their app from others. While learning in this unique platform, users build their social profiles, unlock achievements, create and participate in forums, and get feedback from SoloLearn experts and other members of the community. The collaboration and competition drives engagement and the desire to learn. As learners’ scores improve, their profile gets exposed, increasing networking value. Interactive gameplay replaces top-down instruction to provide a natural and relatively effortless learning experience which especially appeals to Millennials and students who want a simpler way to learn.

SoloLearn’s apps teach all major web and application languages and are available on all major platforms and devices. In an interesting side aspect, SoloLearn also says it’s noticed high traffic from refugees using the app to learn to code. Last October they raised $1.2 million in seed funding.