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MIC Startup Profile: Qompium
Coming out of MIC Vlaanderen in Belgium we have a great new startup called Qompium.and their product Fibricheck.

FibriCheck is revolutionizing health care by eliminating the need for hardware and enabling patient freedom with the world’s first medically certified smartphone app for arrhythmia screening. FibriCheck is a software-only solution with two main components: an app for the patient and an interface for the physician. Patients get a prescription for FibriCheck from their doctor, install the application on their own smartphone and simply place their finger on the camera to measure their cardiac rhythm —  anywhere and anytime. The physician receives the data via a secure link and has complete access to raw data as well as FibriCheck’s useful features like summarized measurements, symptom tracking, and report creation.

Founders Lars Grieten, Bieke Van Gorp and Kobe Leysen have won several awards for FibriCheck and aim to develop and commercialize high quality and user-friendly medical-grade mobile applications for better health all while increasing the independence and safety of the user.