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Invention Cycle Workshop
The Invention Cycle Workshop
Microsoft Innovation Centre, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India organized Invention Cycle Workshop on 28th March 2017.  55 students from different domains of Engineering attended the workshop.

The Invention Cycle workshop is a pilot project from Microsoft in which the young budding entrepreneur gets to know the different phases of an Invention Cycle. The workshop had many activities and interactive sessions with the speaker. The invention cycle workshop focused on how to sell/make a project prototype so that the customer can be attracted towards ones' product without any significant investment and time, getting more and more insights from the potential customers. The workshop started with breaking the ice activity called Half-Baked Pitch. This activity enabled the team generation of new teams and creating random product ideas from random Adjective and Nouns.

The next step in the workshop was how to develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using the concept of prototype followed by the Restaurant Activity in which the teams had to create the best restaurant then the worst restaurants. When the worst restaurants were made these ideas were swapped so that the teams could make something profitable from something which is worst. The workshop was concluded with the marshmallow challenge in which the newspaper tower was created by each team having a heavy wooden duster at the top, enhancing the abilities to think quickly and react to problems of the real-life problems.
Lean Start-Up Machine Workshop
Microsoft Innovation Centre, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India organized Lean Start-up Machine Workshop from 6th-8th April 2017 wherein a total of 40 students from different engineering domains attended the workshop.

The Lean Start-up Machine workshop is a pilot project from Microsoft Inc. in which the young budding entrepreneur can plan/think of new start-up with up to 98% success rate. The workshop was conducted on the course of 3 days. Sessions on Day 1, 6th April, focused on the Lean 101 Session and introduction to the Javelin Board. The work shop mainly emphasized on how to nullify mistakes on wasting time and resources while creating a product or something that is now sellable/profitable.

The Second day of the workshop consisted of the Customer Development sessions and Pivoting Sessions in which the attendees were trained on how to pivot a problem and design its solution which can further lead to formation of a successful start-up.

The Third day of the workshop started with the final presentations where in the attendees enthusiastically pitched their ideas engrossed from the last day’s learning. Attendees were then taken to the nearest market area as a part of the last activity i.e. “Get-Out-Of-The-Building” that allowed the attendees to interact with the people as customers and analyse the real outcome of their idea. The workshop concluded with valedictory session in which three winners chosen by the jury were awarded with trophies. Lastly certificate of participation were distributed to all the attendees.
Certification : Microsoft Technology Associate
MIC DCE visions at improving employability of its students by helping them in earning a world recognized qualification to raise their profile and feel confident when they face interviews. MIC DCE motivates its students to earn certifications that are globally recognized at different levels of their graduation as this helps in boosting their confidence and enhance their skills that will enable them to have a successful IT career.

According to Microsoft, 86% of managers state that IT certifications are important when they are considering candidates and 91% say that a certification is essential when they are hiring. Keeping this in view, MIC DCE is a licenced member of Microsoft IT Academy as it has all the required resources to train students in latest technologies. Also, MIC DCE is an authorised testing centre of Certiport and Pearson VUE to conduct various Microsoft Certifications.

MIC DCE conducted various workshops and training sessions to prepare students to clear MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) Certifications, one of the most prestigious and globally recognised certification. An MTA certification supplies the expertise and knowledge needed for a specific technology or product and is the recommended starting point for the Microsoft certifications. It provides a solid foundation and with just one exam a student earns a certification that allows him to take the first step towards a career in IT.

These workshops were divided into two parts. First part consisted of theory sessions in which trainers focused on clearing the basic concepts of the technology. Second part consisted of Hands-on Sessions in which students were given practical knowledge of the technology and made to work upon and solve real life problems using the chosen technology.

After a month long rigorous training sessions, a total of 391 students appeared for the MTA Certification and 338 students successfully cleared the test with satisfactory to excellent scores in various computer fields namely Database Management Systems, Software Development Fundamentals and Networking Fundamentals.