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MIC Entrepreneurial Programs
Taking them global
MIC Entrepreneurial Global Pilot
The Microsoft Innovation Center in partnership with Microsoft LeX embarked on a bold effort to teach people how to start companies. This effort combined teaching skills to translate ideas into understandable actions, then testing those actions and assumptions with prospective customers.

After being thoroughly tested in both small and large groups in 7 Countries the content is now available in various MIC’s worldwide.
The Microsoft Innovation Center in Hyderabad brought entrepreneurial education to a new level by teaching cutting edge techniques to young startups. Here is an explanation of one of the participants experience with the workshop.
Invention Cycle Training in Hyderabad
An animated explanation of how to use the program.
MIC Entrepreneurial Training Program
The Microsoft Innovation Center works with the CODESS group to teach entrepreneurial education to women developers in India.
CODESS women in India
MIC takes their Entrepreneurial Programs around the world.
MIC Entrepreneurial Programs