Imagine Cup 2017

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Imagine Cup 2017
As part of the entrepreneurial journey, Imagine Cup acts as a connection between academia and entrepreneurship, stimulating students to turn their project into startups. In partnership with National Plan, Imagine Cup was used as the main program to drive academic audience in Brazil.

To promote the competition, that had the launch event as start of the season, 50+ events took place around the country throughout the FY, as well as a Microsoft roadshow in 7 cities, attaining 2,5K students. Along with paid media investments, we were able to generate 1550 new competitors from 60 institutions and 199 projects. We must mention that this year we’ve received projects with higher quality and complexity due to the engagement with Top Universities.
A 4-day experience with 15 teams (7 from Top Computer Science institutions) to Fortaleza bringing IC back to the mainstream not just as an Academic context but mainly a Startup pipeline. With a remarkable media coverage, IC brought attention of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education specialized media – 207 articles, 19 at top media channels.  This year’s award ceremony put together 1050 attendees in-person (100% YoY growth largest in the country) and 40k+ online (400% YoY growth). But besides the breadth audience hit, it’s important to highlight the business impact by engaging some important accounts and partners in this project:
  • An important PS account, State of Ceará and City of Fortaleza, funding, hosting and promoting the Education & Entrepreneurship initiatives connecting this message to Microsoft platform. Ceará State act as the main partner, responsible to cover 70% of all activities costs.
  • One of largest EPG customer in LATAM, Banco Bradesco, again collaborating as sponsor.
  • Banco do Nordeste – BNB, first time as sponsor and hosting the mentoring activities at HUBINE – Innovation Hub of Northeast, BNB’s startup accelerator.
  • Brasil+TI, a Science & Technology Minister program, promoting the competition and broadcasting the final ceremony.
  • Rede Record, a large TV network and EPG account covering all the activities promoted during the Local Final week.