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May Newsletter
SPOAC - Sports Business Academy by WHU joins the GSIC and will bring their marketing program to Madrid
SPOAC – Sports Business Academy by WHU, one of the leading academic institutions for future leaders in sports business has teamed up with the Global Sports Innovation Center based in Madrid, Spain.

The educational institution for managers in the sports business founded by the private business school WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management and the sports business information processor and congress organiser SPONSORs has signed a partnership agreement with Global Sports Innovation Center. Considering the way digitalisation and technological solutions are becoming increasingly more significant to the sports business, this partnership makes an important contribution to professionalisation in the industry.

As one integral part of the partnership, students from SPOAC’s ‘General Management Program in Sports Business’ (GMP) will be on site at the GSIC during their fourth module ‘Sports Marketing – How to address markets successfully’ in November and benefit from the unique proximity to a variety of digital start-ups and tech-solutions within the GSIC ecosystem.

“Digitalisation and the accompanying growth of the industry in particular pose new challenges to the managers of tomorrow. Therefore, we are really looking forward to a close relationship with the GSIC to open up new networks and gateways to technology services, digital solutions and programs that meet the needs of our partners, students and the industry as such”, states Philipp Klotz, CEO of SPONSORs.
The GSIC, member of the jury in the Innovation in Sport & Football Competition by HYPE Foundation alongside UEFA Champions League
The Global Sports Innovation Center is part of the jury that will choose the winning startup of the Innovation in Sport & Football Competition organized by HYPE Foundation in Cardiff in parallel with the celebration of the Champions League final next June. Likewise, other representatives are part of the jury, such us delegates from the VFS Stuttgart, UEFA, Cardiff University, Polar, Amazon, SAP, FC Barcelona, Adidas and Loughborough University.

The final will be held in June 2nd in Cardiff, in the near proximity of the UEFA Championships League Final venue. At this event, the 10 chosen most innovative startups will pitch their companies to leading figures from top Sports and Tech Brands, Investors, the Football Community and the jury of the competition.

HYPE Foundation is a global platform including experts from the field of sports, entrepreneurship, investors and university sector. The GSIC and HYPE have recently signed a collaboration agreement that will facilitate the participation of GSIC partners in various competitions is scheduled for 2017. Register to attend the Innovation in Sport & Football Competition
RecoverX, creator of the first mobile-controlled heat-cold therapy device, joins the GSIC after winning the Philadelphia Final SPIN
RecoverX is a US-based startup is a smart injury recovery company that has developed the world’s first smartphone-controlled electric cold and heat pack.

This device can achieve the optimum cold or hot therapy temperatures in under 30 seconds, and has a rechargeable battery that allows users complete portability. It also is a connected device that collects valuable user data to share back to athletic trainers and physical therapists to track for accountability.

The company was the winner in the HYPE Foundation SPIN Final alongside the NFL Draft, held in Philadelphia, and awarded with a year of free membership to GSIC.
LaLiga and Runator bring the soccer world to running enthusiasts
LaLiga Run, Race between hobbies is the new proposal of LaLiga to unite soccer and running in collaboration with Runator, the global community of runners. A week after finishing the LaLiga Santander competition, fans of the 42 teams that make up LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1l2l3 will have the opportunity to defend the colors of their team by adding points to the LaLiga Run ranking, a global race like never before existed.

To participate, each fan has to register at, where the favorite team as well as the distance to complete is chosen: 5'5 kilometers, the equivalent of going around a football field 15 times, or 14'8 kilometers, the equivalent of 40 laps around a football field. Each of these laps will add 1 point or 3 points respectively to their team. The more fans running, the more points the team will get. Fans can run from anywhere in the world, they simply need to have a running application and connect it to Runator.

Participants can take part in the races from the 26th to the 29th of May, both inclusive.