Valletta, Malta

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Valletta, Malta
About Malta
The island archipelago of Malta is associated with a long list of superlatives. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world, home to ancient temples that are some of the oldest freestanding structures on earth. Malta has the best climate in the world, according to International Living, as well as the most generous population, with 83% of its citizens contributing to charity.

Culturally influenced by a succession of occupying powers since around 1000 BCE, Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and became the smallest member of the European Union in 2004.

Thanks to heavy government investment in education, the people of Malta are multi-lingual and politically engaged, with the highest voter turnout among countries without mandatory voting.

The strong Maltese legal system has paved the way for an economy that includes a growing financial segment. Malta is a global player in the cross-border fund management business and has become a hub for gaming businesses.
MIC Malta
Launched in February 2013 in cooperation with the government of Malta and the University of Malta, the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Malta provides support for startups through its facilities, software and hardware devices. The centre offers training courses from development, to cloud, to gaming.

While the startup program is offered to all entrepreneurs, its focus is on startups in the early stages of development. The incentives are targeted at relieving initial costs such as office space, hardware, and technology skills. The program also provides in-depth business education including accounting and marketing.
Microsoft Innovation Centre Malta believes that community collaboration can change the whole IT and startup ecosystem of the island. Here in Malta we host and support three user groups: Tech-Spark, SAMP and Mobile Malta. The MIC also provides training to developers and IT professionals.

MIC Malta is the home of the largest IT community in Malta – Tech Spark. WE bring in technology experts, most from within Microsoft, to provide workshops and learning sessions on the latest technologies.

As a community enabler, MIC Malta is also facilitating local experts in sharing knowledge with the rest of the community. This provides an excellent opportunity for participants to specialize in a niche technology or skillset. We are currently working on increasing the number of local Microsoft MVPs.

A successful startup requires a healthy team and there is no better way to build a team than working in an office designed specifically for that. At MIC Malta, we’ve designed office space to encourage teamwork, improve communication and facilitate networking. This is available for the startups throughout the duration of the program. We continue to support graduated companies by providing use of the space for meetings and company events.

Startups can join the startup program catalyst that caters to aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable resources, training, networking and incentives that enable them to transform their business ideas into viable and high-growth startups.
Students are provided with a welcoming space to explore their interests in technology and develop skills necessary for technology-related careers. 

The facility will also help students build portfolios and skills to prepare them for entering the work force. Education faculty can also visit the MIC to receive guidance on curriculum development and research projects.
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