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MIC Fortaleza
About Fortaleza
Fortaleza, capital of the northeastern state of Ceará and fifth largest city in Brazil, is an important industrial and commercial center, with a population of 2+million people. A popular tourist destination for Brazilians and Europeans, Fortaleza has 34km of coastline and a colonial history that reaches back 500 years. The economy of Fortaleza has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to some of the strongest universities in the country, a multi-ethnic, young populace, and focused investment in technology development, as well as its logistical advantage as a coastal city with proximity to the major markets of Europe, America and Africa. 
MIC Fortaleza
Microsoft Innovation Center Fortaleza in partnership with Farias Brito Educational Group aims to lead and promote an important wave of digital transformation in the local ecosystem through the interaction, connection and engagement of students, research and development institutions, governments and companies, creating initiatives and solutions with high potential for innovation. There is a strong belief that with the engagement of these players with a leading world company like Microsoft, the results will be strategic for the development of the region.
Imagine Week
We doubled the event, not only bringing 1K people to the ceremony but welcoming 15 teams - against 9 teams in the previous years - from several states of Brazil in Fortaleza. Following the WW Finals format, we had the chance to provide an extended experience to the students and mentors.
For 4 days, the national finalists had opportunity to have themselves engaged in a series of activities in Fortaleza. The agenda covered a full-day mentoring sessions, video shots & interviews, project evaluations and the award ceremony. The activities were planned to provide the competitors a unique experience, engaging the partners and exposing the projects to a broader audience due to the social media plan created in partnership with Ceará Science, Technology & Higher Education Secretary, Bradesco and Rede Record TV. In total, we had 870K+ people reached in the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter coverage and 1M reached through Newsletters.
The Award Ceremony took place May 18th at Cineteatro São Luiz for 1K+ in person attendees, students, academic BDMs and TDMs, politicians and enterprise executives. Besides that, the entire event was broadcasted in real time reaching 40K+ for students and educators in more than 50 remote sites in classrooms and labs of academic institutions and for broad audience through Channel 9 and PEGN social channels. Márcio Ballas, Brazilian comedian, hosted the event and received as keynotes Alessandra Del Debbio - Brazil Assistant GC, Inácio Arruda – Science, Technology & Higher Education Secretary of Ceará State and Claudionir Nascibem - Bradesco Executive.
Besides that, we’ve had the Audience Choice Contest: the finalists with the most mentions on their team’s hashtag on Twitter and Facebook would be the winners, reaching 450K+ impressions on the hashtag #ImagineCupBR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Audience Choice category was strategy to engage institutions community to bring the local communities together, leveraging their owned channels to burst social media engagement.
UpFish, from Unicamp (Top CS University), and Bubu Digital were selected as winners by the board and will represent Brazil in the WW Finals in Seattle.
R. Castro Monte, 1325 - Varjota,
Fortaleza CE