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      Microsoft Innovation Center

      In cooperation with Venture Hive, the Microsoft Innovation Center in Miami (MIC Miami) is a state-of-the-art technology facility open to students, software developers, academic faculty, entrepreneurs, and startups for collaboration and skills development. Our mission is to accelerate the creation of new companies, jobs, and growth of the local software ecosystem while fostering technology-based entrepreneurship and increasing the number of employable youth in the greater Miami area.

      The Miami Microsoft Innovation Center is located within Venture Hive.

      Venture Hive Logo

      Venture Hive, where the Miami Microsoft Innovation Center is located, is based in Miami, Florida where it runs accelerator and incubator programs that act as a laboratory to support the creation of educational content and documentation of best practices to build world-class entrepreneurs. Venture Hive exists to energize, educate, and cultivate entrepreneurs.


      Opened in January, 2013, Venture Hive offers governments, institutions, and communities efficient and effective turnkey solutions to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on sound educational and economic development principles at the K-12, university, and accelerator levels.

      Who We Help


      Students are provided with a welcoming space to explore their interests in technology and develop skills necessary for technology-related careers. Students can receive training from skilled specialists as well as a membership to DreamSpark, giving them access to free software and tools. The facility will also help students build portfolios and skills to prepare them for entering the workforce. Education faculty can also visit the MIC to receive guidance on curriculum development and research projects.


      The Miami Microsoft Innovation Center acts as a source for job creation as it allows government organizations access to an increased pool of highly skilled workers who have an extensive understanding of technology.

      Local Community

      The local community will be provided access to the latest in technology, both Microsoft solutions and those provided by community partners. It will offer citizens a space to learn how technology works and how it can be used to create a real impact.


      Entrepreneurs and startups will be provided access to skills and development trainings, Miami mentoring and networking opportunities, and membership in Microsoft BizSpark. A BizSpark membership includes access to software, developer tools, services, and support. With access to the innovation center, Microsoft technology experts, and the latest in hardware and devices, entrepreneurs and startups can receive help to further develop their ideas and test solutions.

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      1010 NE 2nd Ave

      Miami, FL 33132